Service Models

Planning is personal. Depending on your need, life stage and complexity, we offer 3 models to help you plan for what matters most. Our process leverages thorough analysis and time-tested strategies to give you the confidence to know you are on track, and offers choices on the type of engagement that works best for you and your family.

Sage Wealth Signature

Designed for those who want to know they are on track to achieve life’s biggest goals, such as retirement, education, or buying a second home, efficiently and on time.

This model focuses on 3 major areas:

  • Cash flow/Spending Plan and Debt Management
  • Low cost, low-turnover investment strategy
  • Tax smart strategies
  • Retirement planning

After an initial onboarding, we meet twice per year to keep you on track.

You can expect updates toward your progress, including a one-page financial plan, cash flow plan, and investment plan.

Sage Wealth Pinnacle

This comprehensive wealth management model is tailored for those with added complexity and tax sensitivity who are focused on growing and preserving wealth.

This customized model focuses on a deeper and more strategic approach to the following:

  •  Cash flow/Spending Plan and Debt Management
  • Customized Investment Plan, including equity compensation and private investments
  • Strategic Planning to minimize lifetime tax liability
  • Retirement and lifestyle planning
  • Risk management
  • Estate/Legacy Planning
  • Coordination with your key external advisors

After an initial onboarding, we meet three times per year to address your most important and critical needs.

You will receive a one-page financial plan, cash flow plan, strategic tax analysis, and tax-efficient investment strategy, as well as timely updates on the progress toward the execution of your goals.

Sage Wealth Pinnacle Plus (for Business Owners)

Business owners face more challenges, risk and bear more responsibility in achieving their outcomes. This plan applies the Pinnacle Model with an enhanced focus on the unique needs and decisions business owners face.

This customized model for business owners encompasses all offerings within the Pinnacle Model, but also includes:

  • Business Retirement Plans
  • Assess disability needs and coverage
  • Provide Business Valuation
  • Review business continuity & exit planning strategies
  • Private Banking
  • Integration of business decisions on personal wealth
  • Engagement with your key external advisors

After an initial onboarding, we meet a minimum of three times per year to address both your personal and business planning needs.

In addition to the one-page financial plan, cash flow plan, strategic tax analysis, and customized investment strategy, we will provide a business valuation and meet with your strategic advisors to ensure alignment.

Our fee includes financial planning and investment management services provided by Sage Wealth Planning.  The following factors may increase the planning fee within the stated range:

  • Complex family planning
  • Equity compensation (RSUs, NQSO, ISO)
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation
  • Rental/Commercial Real Estate
  • Concentrated wealth
  • High tax sensitivity
  • Multiple forms and types of income

Make Smart Money Decisions

Take control of your finances and reduce your stress about money by consulting with a certified financial planner.
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Cash Flow Planning

Cash Flow is the heartbeat of a household or business.  Understanding the inflows and outflows, as well as the timing of planned expenditures, creates an opportunity for smoothing that may generate tax efficiency.

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Investment Management

Our investment management strategy is based on a core and satellite approach. We believe portfolios should be built with intention and managed for efficiency and risk.

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Income Tax Planning

For the wealth builder, taxes are a constant traveling companion. When making current and future financial decisions it’s important to consider tax implications and employ strategies that may help you.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is often the most common focus for investors. There are many decisions that need to be made specific to this lifestyle transition, and it is one of the more significant goals, both financially and emotionally.

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Retirement Income Planning

With fewer retirees today receiving company sponsored pension plans, the responsibility of retirement income has shifted to the individual, and a more significant reliance on personal savings.

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Estate and Legacy Planning

Putting together an estate plan, in simple terms, is the process of documenting your assets, and determining who gets what, when and how. Your legacy defines the impact you want to leave after you pass.

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Education Planning

A common theme we hear from our clients is a desire to provide opportunity for their children, and it often includes post-secondary education.  The good news is there are many tools available to help partially or fully fund an education.

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Risk Management

Risk is part of life and comes in many forms.  Part of the planning process is to address risks and identify strategies to mitigate them.

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