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The Passive Income Investor Episode 2: Embracing Illiquidity

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Episode 2: Embracing Illiquidity

In episode 2, Matt and Aaron dive into the topic of liquidity. Although liquidity is crucial, it can also have negative effects on long term investing. Illiquidity can actually work in the favor of a long term investor in certain situations.

About The Podcast

The Passive Income Investor Podcast features discussions and interviews related to conservative passive income investing, with a focus on long term wealth building and tax efficient income strategies. This podcast features Matthew Doran and Aaron Merriman.

Matthew Doran is a Principal at Sage Wealth Planning, a registered investment advisory firm that is virtual by design, with headquarters in Elk Rapids, MI. Aaron Merriman is the Managing Director of Lujan/Merriman Development Group, LLC “LMDG” based in Newport Beach, CA. LMDG Invests in A+ locations in coastal Southern California and focus on 5-15 unit buildings.

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